About us

BigTop Mining Company

Welcome to BigTopMining.com. We sell, host and run our own cryptocurrency miners!

We sell miners for rates as low as anywhere in the marketplace. Those miners can be shipped to you, or we can host them for you for very reasonable hosting rates. 

At BigTop Mining we believe in the continued success of cryptocurrency. We stand behind the very machines we sell – as we operate our own individual ASIC miners in our crypto mining facility located in South Dakota. 

Who We Are

BigTop Mining Company

01. Mine Crypto

We have been mining crypto in our facility since 2021. BigTop focuses on Bitcoin, Litecoin and other popular cryptos.

02. Sell Miners

BigTop has developed relationships to offer some of the best ASIC crypto mining deals on the internet.

03. Host Miners

Our BigTop Mining facility is fully operational and available to host your ASIC Miner today! We offer extremely competitive hosting rates.

Contact Us: team@bigtopmining.com or 605-929-6620 (call or text)