BigTop Mining Company

ASIC Hosting

At BigTop Mining Company we offer hosting at our secure facility located in the midwest.

Our hosting rates are ~$0.09/kWh plus 6.5% SD Sales Tax.  For simplicity, we flat-price s19 model machines (3000-3200 watts) at $205/mo + tax and L7 models for $225/mo + tax.  For all other machines, please inquire.

To inquire about our hosting please email us at or call/text us at 605-929-6620.

How Does It Work?

ASIC hosting is awesome, but there are definitely some limitations with running one at your own place. Noise concerns, power setup and power costs all can be an issue. At BigTop Mining, we help get rid of some those limitations by hosting it in our own facility. Our facility is specifically designed to run miners and we have some of the lowest energy rates around!

Step 1: Send Us Your Miner

The first step is sending us your ASIC mining machine. We host most popular brands including Bitmain, Cannon and Goldshell. If you still need to purchase a machine, feel free to check out our shop.

Reach out to us to start the conversation!

Step 2: Setup Your Own Pool

As the miner is being shipped/ordered, we suggest you setup your pool information if you haven’t done so already. This is needed to earn your mining revenue!

To learn more about this check out our FAQs section.

Step 3: Mine Crypto!

After we receive your miner, we will set it up at our secure facility using the pool information you provide. Then you will be mining crypto!

We also provide login info for you to monitor your miner, and update pool information as necessary.


Contact Us: or 605-929-6620 (call or text)